Slime Clicker

Slime Clicker lets you engage with the beautiful color and slime while immersing yourself in the game. 

How to play Slime Clicker

Start this game by touching or clicking the screen to expand the little slime that you have started with. You can purchase upgrades to speed up the manufacturing of slime and click to make the slime multiply. Unlock achievements, finish missions, and explore new slime and environment kinds to create the ideal aesthetic combination. 

Your main goal is to gain billions of slime by clicking continuously. Obtain accomplishment to prove you are the greatest slime farmer. To get him to create even more slime, feed him your slime. Additionally, you can restart the Slime Clicker game with an incredible permanent slime bonus by using the rebirth button.


Many good reviews of this game have been left by the community of fans of the Clicker genre. A Steam user review: “I am a fan of Clicker games and Slime Clicker is the hottest clicker game I've ever played”. 


Play the Slime Clicker game right now to begin having fun by clicking on that slime!

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