Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is a phenomenon, not simply a game. It is one of the hottest idle games which was created by a global team of developers. It focuses solely on clicking a banana against a vibrant green background. 

How to play Banana Clicker

Similar to other clicker games, Banana Clicker also revolves around clicking continuously to earn points. You will get a simple UI with just one banana. In the game, you come across a variety of virtual bananas. Each with unique designs and ratio levels. You should pay attention to certain bananas which are extremely precious and uncommon to earn extra points.


  • Virtual trading gameplay
  • Unique items
  • Integration with the Steam Marketplace


Banana Clicker has proven its undeniable appeal with huge plays from all over the world. It gained a lot of great reviews. One Reddit user said: "I thought Clicker games were boring until I played Banana Clicker. Very awesome!”.


With the unexpected economic twist involving virtual bananas, Banana Clicker has grown to be appealing and well-known. Do you want to experience this idle game right away? 

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