Banana Clicker 2

The following chapter of the Banana Clicker is called Banana Clicker 2! It was an effective follow-up to the original. With the simple execution of one basic action: clicking on a banana, this game offers unexpected enjoyment.

How to play Banana Clicker 2

This game is quite easy to play: to raise your score, simply click on the banana on the screen.

With over 16,000 players at any given time on Steam, Banana Clicker 2 has garnered a significant amount of attention despite its somewhat difficult gameplay.

Moreover, you can customize the banana's picture using the game's DLC packages, adding some freshness to the otherwise monotonous banana-clicking experience.


Players highly appreciated the game Banana Clicker 2 and found that it had many new improvements compared to the old version. A Steam user reviews: "Compared to the old version, Banana Clicker 2 really surprised me. The playing experience is great and engaging."


Play Banana Clicker 2 now and see if you can make a huge amount of bananas!

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