Candy Clicker 4

Among the list of great clicker games, the Candy Clicker 4 game stands out and has captured the hearts of players of all ages. This version is developed on the Scratch platform. It is a testament to the appeal of the Clicker genre in general and Candy Clicker in particular in the gaming community.

How to play Candy Clicker 4

The main goal of Candy Clicker 4 is similar to previous Candy Clicker versions. It's click to create as many sweet candies as possible.
To begin, you just need to click the candy icon on the screen, and each click will release one piece of candy. Then, you can buy many awesome upgrades that automate candy collection or increase the amount of candy each click.


  • Simple gameplay with click mechanism
  • Colorful and vibrant interface
  • Numerous great upgrades


There is no denying the appeal of the Candy Clicker 4 game. So, of course, this game has received many positive reviews from players. A user from Steam left a review: "This is the best clicker yet! I hope they will release a Candy Clicker game series so this game never stops".


Playing Candy Clicker 4 is your chance to indulge your passion for candy and create your own huge candy world. Let’s play it right now!
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