Pokémon Clicker

Pokémon Clicker is a clicker game set in the popular Pokémon universe that is incredibly detailed and quite addictive. 

How to play Pokémon Clicker

Coming to this game, you can explore the incredibly recognizable territory while battling and capturing a variety of Pokémon. Focus on clicking to level up your Pokémon and see them develop into even more formidable allies. You need to navigate all 23 paths. Then, you must engage in gym battles, and escape from dense forests and gloomy caverns.


Fans of the Clicker game, especially Pokémon's fans, absolutely love the Pokemon Clicker game and give it many compliments. A Steam user said: "I have never played a game as attractive and addictive as Pokémon Clicker. I kept clicking until my hands were tired!". 


Do you want to immerse yourself in the Pokémon’s world? Let's have fun with Pokémon Clicker right now!

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