Watermelon Clicker

Watermelon Clicker is an amazing clicker game. It means that in order to collect watermelons, you must continuously click or touch the screen. You will be fully submerged in your own watermelon prosperous country when playing this game.

How to play Watermelon Clicker

The Watermelon Clicker game never ends. Your main goal is to continuously click on the giant watermelon to earn as many points as possible. Then, you can use these points to unlock upgrades and new colors for your watermelon. 


This game has received countless positive reviews from the community of players who love the Clicker genre. A Reddit user said: "Very attractive, the Watermelon Clicker game looks very fresh. I play it every day”. 


What are you waiting for? Click on that watermelon and start having fun right now with the Watermelon Clicker game now!

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