Craft Drill Clicker

If you enjoy idle-clicking games, Craft Drill Clicker is a choice you should consider. In this game, you can modify your drilling machine to mine indefinitely. Your main goal is to improve your drill, find new mines, and extract important materials. This game offers simple gameplay with a variety of upgrades, thrilling bonuses, and power-ups. Join this journey to establish your mining empire and become the best miner ever!

How to play Craft Drill Clicker

Players can experience a thrilling underground mining adventure when playing Craft Drill Clicker. Players take control of an unusual and distinctive mining instrument in this fascinating free online game. It is a mill with four wooden sticks. You must use it to delve into the earth's interior and find an abundance of precious materials, such as stone, gold, diamonds, and more. 


  • Engaging gameplay 
  • A lot of precious resources
  • Numerous hot upgrades and new tunnels


This game is highly rated and considered one of the best-clicking games. Most of the discussion on Reddit about the game revolves around the craftability of pumps and drills. The players are quite satisfied with the features of these two machines.


Craft Drill Clicker offers both casual gamers and mining enthusiasts hours of pleasure. Get ready to start your mining expedition, and see how far you can go in your quest to find priceless gems.  

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