Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is an easy but very appealing idle clicker game. Immerse yourself in the world of sweet candy and click to build your powerful candy empire.

What is a Candy Clicker?

Candy Clicker is an addictive idle game that is very well-known in the Clicker game genre. As a clicker game, of course, its main mechanism is to create clicks in the candy world. This game is suitable for all ages and will definitely help you relax. Become a giant in the candy industry and develop your own candy factory now!

How to play Candy Clicker

Playing clicker games has never been difficult, and it's the same with Candy Clicker. All you must do is click the candies with your mouse to make more of them. You can invest and improve to automate the production process and increase your candies after gaining enough points. How much candy you receive depends on whether you choose to upgrade or purchase a certain item. However, don't let its gameplay's simplicity deceive you. Because when you become more involved in Candy Clicker, you will find that there's a lot more to this game than meets the eye.


Interesting click mechanism

Candy Clicker is similar to other games in the clicker genre with its innovative production system that relies on clicks. However, it will create an interesting experience and a feeling of excitement for the player, without causing boredom. Candy Clicker enhances the gameplay by introducing unique candies and special items that add a layer of appeal. These exclusive treats and collectibles allow your candy empire to flourish autonomously, reducing the need for continuous clicking. This feature will help your sweet world keep growing and presenting new surprises even when you cannot play continuously.

Unique items

You will find entirely unique items in Candy Clicker that are not available in any other game. But depending on your present production level and your long-term objectives, you will need to prioritize which things to upgrade first.

How to play Candy Clicker

You can see several typical items in the Candy Clicker, such as:

  • Cursor: use 25 candies, it will assist you in clicking automatically at the end of each turn.
  • Auto Candy: use 100 candies, 1 candy will be created automatically in one second.
  • Candy Farm: use 500 candies, and 10 candies will be created automatically in one second.
  • Candy Mine: use 6500 candies, 100 candies will be generated automatically in 1 second.

Candy Clicker Tips and Tricks Guides

You can make Candy Clicker a rather easy game by employing a few basic methods. If you want to unlock Candy Man, which is the greatest upgrade, in less than 30 minutes, follow our tips and tricks below:

Click as fast as possible

Clicking on the candy in the center of the screen is the only way to mine additional candy at first. The more and faster you click, the higher your reward points.
A useful tip is that you should use a mouse rather than the trackpad to optimize your clicking speed.

Find and collect gold

A gold candy will appear once every minute or two. When you see this, you surely need to click on it. It won't return for a while if you don't receive it in time. These golden candies are really valuable. Its point conversion value will gradually increase, from a few thousand to millions by the end. So, of course, you should pay attention to collecting them.

Upgrade regularly

All of the upgrade options will be in a section on the right side of your screen. To click candy faster, it is better that you initially update your cursor. You can refer to early upgrades, such as the Candy Farm and the Auto Candy upgrade, once you start earning about 25 candies for each click.

You should probably just concentrate on upgrading your current mines and factories if you have to wait longer than three minutes for a new upgrade.

Maintain your tab open

When you play Candy Clicker more, your candy mines and farms will start to give you more points and you don't need to click to score points. The great thing is that they will always work even if you leave or open another tab. Thus, be sure to keep your tab open so you may benefit from the upgrades you've unlocked.


Candy Clicker received many positive reviews on Reddit. Most reviews praise the simple yet addictive gameplay. Candy Clicker is a lighthearted, fun experience without any pressure on the player, but it still provides a sense of progress and steady achievement as you unlock upgrades.

Where to play Candy Clicker Unblocked?

On, you can enjoy Candy Clicker Unblocked for free. This version gets past every internet filter. Furthermore, as it retains every feature from the original version, there will never be any interruptions when playing.

What distinguishes Candy Clicker from other clicker games?

Candy Clicker is a mouse-click based automatic production system with visuals featuring a range of candies with a candy theme. Although this game is very simple, it is extremely attractive and helps you enjoy your free time.

What do you learn when playing Candy Clicker?

You may learn a wide range of abilities playing Candy Clicker. One ability that will always come in handy in life is knowing how to use your resources efficiently. Besides, it also shows you how little upgrades can have a significant effect.

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As a simple but extremely attractive clicking game, Candy Clicker promises to bring you relaxing moments. This game is the clearest proof of the success of clicker games in maintaining a player's engagement from start to finish. So, what are you waiting for without playing the Candy Clicker right away?

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