Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is an easy to play but very addictive clicker game. The goal of this game is to generate more energy and explore other planets. Planet Clicker takes you into a virtual world and you will be fully responsible for its development. Even though it revolves around clicking, this game still requires smart strategy. Initially, you are given a basic planet. To make it work, you will need to build everything, from infrastructure, people, animals, etc.

How to play Planet Clicker


The controls in Planet Clicker are uncomplicated. Clicking on Earth will begin. You will gain one energy for every Earth-related click. After accumulating 20 energy, you can upgrade your click in the shop. You can build a lot of things, such as: farms, power plants, buildings, etc., by enhancing your clicking.


Once you have accumulated enough energy from Earth, you can transfer to Mars. Mars is endowed with an abundance of powerful energy sources, including solar fuels, coal, nuclear power, and extraterrestrial technology.


Unlocking the final planet, Venus, requires one trillion energy units. Accumulating enough on Mars to be able to move to Venus is something you need to do.
This planet is filled with an assortment of resources, including magma, iron, and a mysterious "future technology" waiting for you to explore.


  • An expansive solar system teeming with undiscovered planets and technologies.
  • A lot of precious resources
  • Stunning graphics
  • This game is available on all platforms, from desktop to mobile.


Planet Clicker is highly appreciated by many players. For the most part, they said it is potential and quite addictive. However, Steam users wish to further improve planetary development. One account commented, "I would like to see the progress of the planet growing, such as grass growing on Pluto or being able to see houses on the planet".


If you are passionate about planets in the solar system, you cannot miss the Planet Clicker game. You will be captivated for hours as you explore the cosmos while clicking with this game. Let's try it right now!

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