Clicker Village

Clicker Village is a hot idle game that takes place in the Middle Ages. This game revolves around clicking to build a small village into a large and prosperous village.

How to play Clicker Village

  • To start, select a tiny house and click on it to generate revenue and expand your village.
  • To increase the output of your resources, you must purchase mines to extract vital materials.
  • In order to maximize productivity and improve resource management, increase your inventory.


There is no denying the fun of the Clicker Village game. Therefore, it received many positive reviews and high ratings from the gaming community. A Reddit user reviews: "I built a dream village. This game is great and I recommend you to play it at least once in your life."


Clicker Village gives you a satisfying sense of success as you progress. For those who enjoy building and managing their virtual communities, it's the ideal choice for you. Try it now!

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