Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is an idle clicker in which you click to produce candies. This is the sequel to the classic Candy Clicker game. Similar to other clicking games, Candy Clicker 2 also revolves around clicks to create as many candies as possible. Upgrade candy production machinery for better outcomes and to boost your candy output.

How to play Candy Clicker 2

The gameplay of Candy Clicker 2 is rather simple. That's because this game is controlled entirely by mouse clicks without having to use the keyboard.

Once you have clicked long enough and upgraded your clicks, you will come across golden candies. These golden candies have a higher value compared to conventional ones. So, of course, you need to collect all of them.

Each time you collect a golden candy, you will receive a sugar cube. These can be used to upgrade and unlock more great items in your journey to build your candy empire.


  • Click-to-make mechanics
  • Upgrade for higher productivity
  • Numerous unlocked skins
  • Track your candy stats.
  • Responsive with your mobile phone, PC and other devices.


Candy Clicker 2 is well-received by its players and receives a lot of great reviews. Reddit users praised the game for the fun that lies in calculating and clicking candies efficiently to find the best strategy.


Immerse yourself in the world of sweets and try to take your candy-making enterprise to the next level with the Candy Clicker 2 game. Let’s enjoy this game online for free right now!

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