Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen is a unique idle time game that never ends! It is an entertaining game that encourages creativity by letting users mix and match various emoji characters. Consider how you may customize it by combining your own preferred emojis.  

How to play Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen offers personalized combinations depending on the phrases and emojis you enter, elevating your digital expressions to a new level. If you enter two emojis consecutively, you will see a creative combination of those two emojis. Moreover, if you enter the same emoji again, you will get an enlarged "doubled up" version that highlights Google's distinct design sensibilities. In particular, various emojis share similar Emoji Kitchen designs, boosting the diversity of amusing sentiments.


  • Emoji 14.0 and a few from Emoji 15.0
  • Unique Emoji combinations
  • Fusion of emojis


Emoji Kitchen game is very loved and appreciated in the world of clicker games. A Steam user said: “I really love using Emoji in social networks. This game is very attractive, it has a lot of new and unique emojis”.


Express your emotions through the Emoji Kitchen game. Have fun!

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