Cat Clicker

Cat Clicker is a fun and interesting online game that combines the charm of cute cats with the thrill of constant progress. This game starts with a single click that creates a cute cat bubble. The fun gets even more intense when you buy upgrades to multiply these bubbles and create an infinite universe of cuteness.

How to play Cat Clicker

Your main goal is to create a cat bubble when playing the Cat Clicker hot idle game. You can buy upgrades to increase the number of cat bubbles you produce. If you want to start over, click the reset button to restart this game and receive a permanent boost that will speed you up in future games. 


With huge plays from around the world and many positive reviews, Cat Clicker has proven its undeniable appeal. A Reddit user said: “It's fantastic; playing this game gave me hours of comfort and relaxation. I've never played a better idle game than this one”.


Play Cat Clicker to keep producing cat bubbles at an exponential rate. Have fun!

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