Block Destroyer

Block Destroyer is a captivating arcade game. It is the perfect combination of idle clicker games and strategic thinking. Your main objective is to destroy a sequence of blocks as quickly as possible.

How to play Block Destroyer

You need to click on the blocks displayed on the screen to earn coins. The more you click, the more coins you receive. When you accumulate enough coins, you will upgrade into balls that will destroy blocks for you.

You must use an assortment of potent strategies and tools, destroy blocks, earn coins, and destroy formidable bosses.

You should aim for the top level blocks and then the lower level blocks to create a domino effect that destroys those blocks in the neatest way. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the color and quantity of the next ball types to have a more devastating destruction strategy.


  • Match blocks by color or number.
  • Your coins increase with consecutive hits on similar blocks.
  • Purchase block-destroying tools and upgrade.
  • Numerous distinct stages requiring strategic gameplay.


The Block Destroyer game is highly rated by players of all ages. It is colorful with a friendly interface. Many players commented on the Reddit community that they were extremely excited about this game and have played it over and over again.


Block Destroyer brings you a simple yet challenging experience. This game is perfect for short gaming sessions with attractive rewards based on your clicking speed and smart strategy. Enjoy it right now!

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