Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 continues the success of the first Planet Clicker version. It is a clicker game in which players expand to new planets and enhance energy production. The more you click, the more energy is generated and the more your planet develops. This second part adds more planets and features, so it surely brings you a greater gaming experience.

How to play Planet Clicker 2

Building your planet and accumulating resources is the objective of Planet Clicker 2. These energies will help you purchase upgrades and unlock new planets. Each planet has different resources. All you must do is click as many as possible to qualify for higher-level planets.

Planet Clicker 2 offers multiple energy sources, including coal, nuclear, oil, etc. Additionally, you need to build power plants to exploit nuclear power.

You can play this game actively or passively, that is, let it be played automatically. However, to achieve optimal performance, you should actively click on them when creating resources, such as bricks or corn. Not only that, doing so will also boost your rank.


  • Diverse planets to discover
  • Automatic gameplay mechanism
  • Great graphics and movements
  • Upgraded systems and skills
  • Manage resources strategically.


The game is considered quite simple and does not really stand out compared to any other clicker games. But it is so addictive that a Tiktok user says, "I don't understand how I can play a clicker game all day today. something I've never done before."


Planet Clicker 2 presents plenty of new planets awaiting you to explore. Let’s play it online for free right now!


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