Progress Knight

Progress Knight is a life-simulation game that will take you back to the medieval period. You have to climb the career ladder and learn new abilities in order to become the greatest being.

How to play Progress Knight

As the days pass, you begin your life as a beggar. But as time goes on, you pick up new abilities and accumulate a ton of work experience that allows you to manage your living expenses and land new, high-paying positions.

Will you choose to do menial, easy tasks for the common people? Or will you have to endure rigorous training to advance in the military? Or will you choose to put in a lot of study time and enroll in a magic school to learn spells that will change your life? You have complete control over your career path. 


This game is considered as one of the hottest life-simulation games and received a lot of positive reviews. A Steam user reviews: “Progress Knight is the best simulation game I've ever played. Hopefully the developer will add more new features to make this game even more interesting”


Prove your talent to turn from a beggar into a successful person through the Progress Knight game right now!

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