Planet Attack Clicker

Play the Planet Attack Clicker game to explore various worlds around the universe. Click to upgrade superior weapons, gather cash, and destroy planets. 

How to play Planet Attack Clicker 

To remove the planets, all you need to do is click and click! The Galactic Council decided that some planets should be destroyed since they were empty of life. You accept that you will be responsible for finishing this task. You won't struggle with it too much, but you also shouldn't be overly judgmental. You must make precise clicks in order to break through the planets' casings. 


The Planet Attack Clicker game is undoubtedly entertaining. The gaming community gave it numerous favorable reviews and high scores. A Steam user said: “I really love planets and galaxies. Planet Attack Clicker is the best clicker game I've played”.


Will you be able to complete the task assigned to you? Enjoy the Planet Attack Clicker game now!

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