Leek Factory Tycoon

Leek Factory Tycoon is a great idle game that involves the management of your own Leek Factory. You have the executive authority to decide everything to make the leek factory profitable, from planting and harvesting leeks to processing and selling them. Can you make it grow better and build a prosperous empire out of your little leek farm?

How to play Leek Factory Tycoon

Your task is to construct a comprehensive conveyor belt infrastructure to efficiently transport and process your leeks. They will be used to create exceptional dishes. With auto click mode, even when you are not interacting with the game, your base is still active and generating revenue.


  • You are not limited to clicking in this idle simulator game.
  • Provide plenty of fascinating recipes and guarantee a seamless cooking process for mouthwatering meals.
  • Auto-click mode allows the restaurant to remain active when you are not actively clicking.


Most players give positive reviews to the Leek Factory Tycoon game. A Reddit user left a typical comment: "Really a nice game. I can't put my phone down. The competition with the live stats and places is my motivation.”


Playing Leek Factory Tycoon will challenge your managerial skill with its captivating and addictive action. Let’s prepare yourself to take on this thrilling adventure and realize your ambition of becoming a leek tycoon!

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