Kebab Clicker

Kebab Clicker is a rising star in the huge world of clicker games. This game creates an interesting experience by combinating the addictive qualities of clicker games with the love for kebabs. 

How to play Kebab Clicker

In this game, you set out on a culinary adventure to build an interstellar network of kebab shops. The goal is simple: click to create more kebabs and grow your empire over the stars. With each click, players generate kebabs. Then, you can use them to purchase new items, upgrade existing ones, and invest in the kebab economy to make a profit.


The Kebab Clicker game has gotten a lot of good reviews from Clicker fans. A Steam user said: "Very fun, this game satisfies my love of clicking and my love of kebabs at the same time”.


Have fun with Kebab Clicker to relax now!

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