Idle Inventor

Become a titan of heavy machinery and industry by playing the Idle Inventor game. All you need to do is build and grow your industrial empire right away.

How to play Idle Inventor game

When coming to the Idle Inventor game, you will immerse in the realm of industrial empire-building. You have to oversee five separate factories, each with a focus on a particular kind of vehicle, including cars, aircraft, and spaceships.
Your main goal is to increase and streamline production. Employ competent managers to supervise operations, automate manufacturing lines for increased productivity. Moreover, you must accomplish thrilling missions to progress your company and win prizes.
You must follow this guide control:

  • Move the camera view by dragging the left mouse button
  • Interact with in-game buttons by the left mouse button


  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Appealing industrial theme
  • Great and stunning graphics


This game is in the Top of the hottest and most worth playing idle games. It received countless positive reviews. Among them, a Reddit user commented as follows: "It's great, I had hours of comfort and relaxation playing this game. It's definitely the best idle game I've ever played".


If you have a passion for the titanium and heavy machinery industry, you can’t miss the Idle Inventor game. Experience it now!
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