Capybara Merge Evolution

Capybara Merge Clicker is a captivating idle game. This game allows you to discover a variety of capybara transformations and strategic improvements. It provides an entertaining experience. There are many upgrades, weather conditions, and 32 different capybara transformations spread over 4 planets. Make your Capybara empire grow strong by clicking on them!

How to play Capybara Merge Clicker

To build your capybara empire and unlock new evolutions, you need to strategically merge capybaras.

Earning as many coins as possible is all you must do to unlock new capybara evolutions.

You may either continuously click for coins or passively accumulate revenue to make your Capybara empire grow.

To discover every evolution, don’t forget to spread your empire throughout several worlds.

Game control

  • Interact with the user interface: use your left mouse.
  • Merge with other capybaras: drag and drop capybara with your left mouse button.


  • Unlock 32 distinct evolutions by merging capybaras.
  • Dynamic weather conditions allow you to explore four distinct worlds.
  • To boost productivity and profits, modernize your capybara enterprise.
  • Capybara Merge Clicker is available for you to play free on every platform: Chrome, Edge, Bing…


Since Capybara Merge Evolution was released, it has always received extremely positive reviews from players. OpenCritic user raves, "Capybara games are always engaging and fun. Capybara Merge Evolution is an example. It isn't a waste of time to play it."


Playing Capybara Merge Evolution will bring you excitement with many different capybara transformations. Immerse yourself in the world of your capybara and witness its growth now!

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