Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Create your own planet in the Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker idle game. You can construct and customize your own distinctive planets in various parts of the universe in this basic game.

How to play Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

You will have to start a planet from scratch when playing the Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker game. This game is a perfect choice to have fun and compete with other players. It focuses on gravity and brings fun surprises to help you explore new parts of the world. It has simple gameplay with click mechanics. You just need to click continuously to collect rich currencies and gradually boost the allure of space-faring goods.
This idle game becomes more attractive thanks to exciting upgrades, exclusive boosters, and a distinctive prestige system. As a result, it boosts development and makes it easier to explore every corner of the universe.
You need to use your left mouse or Spacebar to click on your planet.


  • 3D visuals
  • Require strategic thinking and tactics
  • Many unique planets in different areas
  • A plethora of upgrades
  • Regular updates


The Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker game is considered surprisingly addictive and a lot of players cannot stop playing it. However, Reddit players still want this game to improve, “I just want to point out the fact that prestige is being gate kept by earning a certain amount of the black holes before you can prestige and the amount increasing after so it takes longer and longer to get there which is frustrating”.


Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker is among the greatest idle games because of its easy gameplay, which makes it ideal for passing the time. Do you want to try it right now?

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