Moto x3m bike race game

A super attractive game for racing enthusiasts - Moto X3M, with 22 levels from easy to difficult. This game allows you to execute acrobatics on your bike and face challenges with each level. Now is the best time for you to put on your helmet, speed up and be the fastest to reach the racing line!

How to play Moto x3m bike race game 

You can flip your bike, brake, or accelerate with the arrow keys. You need to drive as quickly as possible. Each level in Moto X3M presents a unique set of obstacles that must be navigated through a process of trial and error. But errors are time-consuming and have an impact on your final score upon completing the level. So, you better be careful.

The objective is to earn three stars at the conclusion of each level. This is entirely dependent on the time required to finish the racing line.


  • 22 levels with many attractive but difficult challenges
  • Gain more stars to save time
  • Buy new bikes with stars.
  • Play on any device.


This game received very positive reviews for its level of entertainment. Steam players said that it is great for killing time and relaxing.


Do you want to show off your bike driving skills and become an excellent racer? Join the Moto X3m bike race game right now!

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