Crusher Clicker

Being a fan of the idle clicker game genre, you cannot ignore the Crusher Clicker game. You must shatter crystals and rocks before upgrading to increase their smashing speed and force when playing this game. Its goal is quite simple, just click to smash different kinds of stones. You must continuously click on falling rocks and crystals to break them up into smaller pieces. Each click relieves your stress and gives you a feeling of relaxation.

How to play Crusher Clicker 

Crusher Clicker game revolves around clicking. You need to click as fast as possible to smash rocks and crystals to increase your crushing force and speed. When you have earned enough coins, you can upgrade your machinery to do automatic work faster.

This game takes you to a world of vibrant physics. Additionally, its captivating gameplay will make you feel like you are controlling a hydraulic press with a twist. Right now, you must boost the power of your crusher for even more spectacular devastation.


  • Engaging smashing mechanics
  • Colorful physics
  • Easy but interesting gameplay
  • Available on every platform: Chrome, Edge and many other web browsers.


Crusher Clicker has a positive reception among the gaming community. Players from the Steam community praised, "I've played a lot of games but this is the one that keeps me coming back to play the most. Unbelievable, please improve more”.


With the vibrant dynamics and unlimited engagement, Crusher Clicker game will definitely bring you relaxing gaming moments. Have fun playing Crusher Clicker!

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